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Flavor notes: full-bodied, apple, chocolate, nuttiness

Varietals: Obata, Catigua, Tupi | Process: Washed

Recommended brew methods: pourover & french press.

Armonia is an easy-drinking coffee, perfect for your morning cup! We taste apple acidity, chocolate, nuttiness, and a hint of honey sweetness.

Armonia comes from the beautiful biodynamic farm La Chacra D’dago located in the Junín region of Peru. Founded in 2006 by Dagoberto Marin, whose family has been producing coffee for over three generations, La Chacra D’dago is the only coffee farm in Peru to have achieved Demeter certification, the strictest standard for biodynamic farming. Thinking of the farm as an independent living organism, yet part of a wider ecosystem, is central to the biodynamic approach, which seeks to regenerate – not degenerate – the soil. So on La Chacra D’dago, coffee is grown along with other crops and fertilized with compost, which they describe as the “heart of the farm.” Armonia is planted on a 5 hectare lot at 1700 meters above sea level, and grows in the company of broad-leaf trees and fruit trees that provide a habitat for native wildlife and migratory birds.

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