The pourover method may be the most effective way of extracting flavor from coffee, and is a favored approach in brewing competitions. It’s a nice way to brew if you’re willing to give the process your undivided attention for about 4 minutes.As with any brew method, you can brew strong or weak depending on your taste – you just have to find the best coffee-water ratio for you, and follow a few simple steps to get the brew right. The below recipe uses the 1:12 coffee-water ratio and delivers a fairly strong batch of coffee.

Instructions for Pourover using 1:12 ratio for a 8 oz mug of coffee

  • A dripper (e.g. Hario V60 dripper)

  • Paper filter for dripper

  • Carafe or 8 oz mug

  • 24 grams coffee – medium grind (beach sand/0.75mm)

  • Scale + Timer

  • A chopstick or wooden spoon for stirring

  • 1

    Place The Dripper On The Carafe. Fold The Filter Along The Seam And Place Into The Dripper. Pour In Some Hot Water To Rinse The Filter And Pre-Heat The Carafe. Empty The Carafe Of The Water.

  • 2

    Add The Coffee So That It Settles Evenly Across The Base Of The Dripper. Place The Carafe + Dripper + Coffee Onto A Scale And Tare (Zero) The Scale.

  • 3

    Bring A Kettle Of Water To Just Off The Boil (Between 200° And 205°F)

  • 4

    Start The Timer And Slowly Add ~50 Grams Of The Water In A Circular Motion Beginning In The Center And Moving Outwards Until The Coffee Is Saturated.

  • 5

    Let The Coffee Bloom (De-Gas) For About 30 Seconds.

  • 6

    After The 30 Seconds, Add Another ~50 Grams Of Water In The Same Circular Motion. Then Gently Stir With Your Chopstick/Spoon To Avoid Formation Of Narrow Channels.

  • 7

    Continue Adding Water – With Pauses To Allow Percolation – Until You’ve Added A Total Of ~290 Grams. Total Brew Time Should Be About 3:30 Minutes And Produce ~240 Grams (8 Ounces) Of Coffee.

  • 8