Cosmopolis means a city of different cultures and peoples. We see the coffee world as a "cosmopolis" - a community of farmers, roasters, cafes, and coffee drinkers, that transcends boundaries and brings people together.  

Founded by Conor Carrigan, Cosmopolis Coffee begins with Conor's great-uncle Rafael Parga Cortés (known to friends and family as Raff) who was a leader and farmer in the Tolima, Colombia. Recognizing that coffee was ideally suited to the high and difficult terrain of his region, he not only planted it on his own farm La Montaña, but also promoted it to other farmers. He recommended planting coffee together with other crops so farmers would have diverse sources of income.

Long before fair trade became "fair trade," Raff understood that for the coffee industry to survive, consumers had to wake up to the "justice" of paying farmers a fair price.

Inspired by Raff's ideas, Cosmopolis Coffee buys coffee primarily from small farmers and cooperatives, promoting sustainable agriculture and regenerative farming practices, and pays fair prices over and above the prevailing fair trade benchmarks.

Once the green beans reach Portland, we roast them with care in small batches before sending them back out into the world to brighten days and bring people together over delicious cups of coffee.