Brewing with a French Press is an easy and fun way to make your coffee. It’s all about using the right grind size and coffee-water ratio and leaving it long enough to brew. For our instructions, we’re going to use a 1:16 ratio (1 part coffee 16 parts water) for a medium-strong coffee. But you can make yours as strong or as weak as you like, though generally it will fall within the 1:10 and 1:20 range. And you can use whatever size French Press you like – a small 3 cup carafe that holds about 12 ounces, a 17 ounce, or the larger “8 cup” 34 ounce carafe that we’re going to use here.

Instructions for an “8 cup” French Press Coffee Maker using a 1:16 coffee-water ratio.

  • 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker

  • 50 grams coffee – coarse grind (coarse sea salt/1mm)

  • 1

    Weigh Out And Grind Your Coffee.

  • 2

    Heat Water To Just Off The Boil (200-205°F On A Temperature Controlled Kettle).

  • 3

    Pre-Heat The Carafe With Hot Water And Then Pour Out.

  • 4

    Add The Ground Coffee To The Carafe.

  • 5

    Add The Hot Water To The Carafe Until Just Below The Steel Rim At The Top. (Approximately 800 Ml / Grams Of Water For Your 1:16 Ratio).

  • 6

    Gently Stir The Coffee Making Sure All The Coffee Is Saturated.

  • 7

    Place The Plunger In The Carafe To Just Above The Coffee.

  • 8

    Let The Coffee Sit For 4 – 6 Minutes.

  • 9

    Steadily Lower The Plunger And Serve.

  • 10

    Enjoy Your Coffee!