The innovative yet simple Aeropress has earned an almost cult following since it was first introduced to the coffee world by its inventor Alan Adler. It’s a quick and efficient way to brew a delicious 10 oz mug of coffee.

As with other brew methods, finding the amount of coffee that suits your taste and getting the grind right is key. We use 18 grams of medium-fine ground coffee in the Aeropress Original for a strong coffee. Or you can keep very simple and just use one Aeropress scoop which holds 11.5 grams level, or about 14 grams heaped.

Instructions for 18 grams Aeropress coffee

  • Aeropress Original

  • A mug or carafe that can hold at least 10oz with an inner diameter of between 2.75 and 3.75 inches

  • 18 grams of coffee – medium-fine grind (table salt/ 0.5mm)

  • Aeropress stirrer, chopstick, or teaspoon

  • 1

    Weigh Out And Grind Your Coffee.

  • 2

    Remove Plunger From The Immersion Chamber

  • 3

    Place Micro-Filter In The Filter Cap And Affix To The Chamber

  • 4

    Add The Coffee To The Chamber Making Sure It’s Evenly Distributed At The Bottom Of The Chamber

  • 5

    Place The Chamber With Coffee Over Your Mug Or Carafe

  • 6

    Heat Water To ~ 200°F

  • 7

    Slowly Add Water To The Chamber Up To The Number 4 On The Side Of The Chamber And Stir.

  • 8

    Insert The Plunger Into The Top Of The Chamber.

  • 9

    Steadily Press The Plunger Down Pushing The Water Through The Micro-Filter And Filter Cap Into Your Mug Until The Plunger Meets The Coffee Grounds.

  • 10

    To Dispose Of The Coffee Grounds, Remove The Filter Cap (Take Care – It’s Hot!) And Push The Grounds Out With The Plunger Into A Container For Later Composting.

  • 11

    Enjoy Your Coffee!