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Alexandria 5


A Journal of Cosmology,
Philosophy, Myth, and Culture

Edited by David Fideler

Published in book form, Alexandria explores the relationships between philosophy, cosmology, myth and culture; the spiritual, philosophical, and intellectual heritage of the Western world; and what the humanities have to contribute to the world today.

About Alexandria . . .

Each issue of Alexandria is published in book form and is several hundred pages in length. Each issue contains a fascinating mix of articles by leading writers and scholars. We strive to publish articles that are engaging in content and provide new insights. The tone of Alexandria is scholarly, but not academic — learned, but not boring.

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The Alexandria Society

Alexandria is not a commercial undertaking, but is supported by members of the Alexandria Society, who have their names listed in the back of each volume.

Alexandria is a Place of Inquiry

In addition to publishing articles on historical topics, Alexandria is also a place of inquiry and exploration. Many of our contributors are interested in the relationships between science and spirituality, cosmology and culture. We feature material by artists, writers, psychologists, and educators. Alexandria is a unique interdisciplinary forum and features some of today's most interesting thinkers.


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